What are chakras?

What are chakras?

The chakras are subtle energy centres that are aligned with the Central channel (Sushumnānāḍī) of the Kunḍalinī system. There are seven main Kundalini chakras that are distributed along the Central channel. They provide subtle-energy to the functions of the body organs, mind and intellect. However, they are primarily associated with the subtle-body of a person. Their names, in descending order from upwards to below, are as follows:

Number Sanskrit name of the Kundalinichakra Western name of Kundalini chakra
7 Sahasrār-chakra Crown chakra
6 Ādnyā-chakra Brow chakra
5 Vishuddha-chakra Throat chakra
4 Anāhat-chakra Heart chakra
3 Maṇipur-chakra Navel chakra
2 Swādhishṭhān-chakra Sacral chakra
1 Mūlādhār-chakra Root chakra

Below is a diagrammatic representation of the positions of the various chakras.


The Brahmarandhra is a subtle-opening (conduit) above the Sahasrar-chakra from which Divine energy is received. The Kundalini passing the Brahmarandhra indicates the spiritually evolved merging with God. It is also the opening through which the spiritually evolved exit when leaving their body at the time of death.

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